Image Inventory Search

The 19th Century weather records held by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) span over 600 reels of microfilm, with approximately 1000 images (pages) of records per reel. These records have been scanned and indexed, and are available on-line through the National Climatic Data Center's web archive site, WSSRD. This tool displays the number of images available by month for each station. First select the state below, then select a station from the list. The tool displays a table showing the number of images available for each month. Each year appears as a row in the table, with a series of 12 numbers indicating the number of images for each month. At the end of the row, the microfilm reel number on which the images may be found is included (usually begins with "AE0" or "AC0"). This reel number may be used to search for the images in the on-line archive.